with Laura Fraedrich, Allard's Artist

$39 all supplies included

Hues. Tints. Shades. Tones. Values...so much terminology about colors that your head could spin! This workshop is designed to help you make sense of it all. We will explore all of these terms as well as learn more about primary, secondary, tertiary, complementary, and analogous colors, plus talk about how to use them all together in your creative pieces. You will paint your very own color wheel on a stretched canvas, which will become a invaluable tool that you can refer to over and over again.


Included Supply Kit:

12”x12” Stretched Canvas

Galeria Acrylic Paints

Paint Brushes

Palette Knife




There are no new dates for this class.


If you are interested in this class. Check out our Open Studio Time and learn about Color Mixing.




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